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I just added 10 community copies for folks to download for free if they aren't in a position to pay. I saw this on Scholastic Dragon's game "The Next Stop" and found this video by C. A Berlitz to show me how to to do.

I like this solution because I didn't like a few things about the ways that the interface treats payment. I had my price set pretty low ($2.50) to make it accessible but then I set the suggested price to about double that ($5) because I think these zines are probably worth about a dollar each (Canadian - but itch charges in USD so I rounded down). But that meant that I was advertising one price and when people went to check out there would be another price in their shopping cart. People would have to change the price to the min amount in order to pay less. This is a "nudge" for people to pay more, which isn't really part of my enthusiastic consent ethic, and the feeling of having to enter the lower price sort of defeats the purpose of setting an accessible low price option in my opinion. If you've had to accept charity in the past that feeling may be a barrier for you. I know it is for me, even if the difference is only $2.50. I really hate that feeling.

I like the community copies option because there is no nudging or reminders that you aren't paying the creator as much as the thing is worth, and it's an option that probably makes the creator feel good to do. It makes me feel good anyway. Also, I prefer to give this away to people who want it but are strapped for cash, rather than to  charge them even a little. I do want to charge for the work in general, for a few reasons. First I do think it has value, and second I'd like to be able to donate things to fundraising game bundles and have that contribution be meaningful. 

I don't get a lot of traffic, but if I'm ever out of community copies and you'd like one, let  me know with a message and I'll refill them no questions asked.

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