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Hello. This is my first itch project, and this is how it happened ... 

I got some creative motivation recently from meeting a cool group of people at a game design workshop  run by Avery Alder. I met Jan Martin there and she tweeted about this game bundle that's raising money to help folks in Afghanistan buy the phone credits they need to stay safe. I thought that was such a cool way to use creative work to be helpful.

When I bought that bundle I joined itch, and then I discovered that there are comics here as well as games. Comics is my favourite art form so that was exciting.

I have a few comics online, but I thought it would be cool to join a community where I could read and share things and maybe even sell stuff. I thought I should teach myself how to do a proper webcomic for my first project by learning html or something. To be honest though that was pretty intimidating so I was procrastinating. 

But then one of my new game design friends' well went dry and someone posted that they were organizing a game bundle on itch to help her raise money for the super expensive well fix or replacement. Sometimes trying to be helpful is just the kick in the pants I need to get going on making a thing.  I wanted to be able to contribute something so I decided to work with what I've got rather than waiting until I have a new skillset.

So I had these pdfs of fold zines that I sell at zine fairs sometimes and another picture of a poster I use to teach students to make one page books. I thought if I put those pdfs and instructions together that might be a thing worth buying, so I put that together and here it is. Maybe I'll learn html next time.

My friend could still use some support with that well (life without running water sounds hard!) so  I hope you found your way here by buying the bundle that gives her all the proceeds. It should go on sale tomorrow (as I'm writing this).


fold zine bundle.pdf 75 MB
Oct 29, 2021

Get Mental Health Fold Zine Bundle

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